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Welcome to All-Risks

All-Risks was formed in 1954, incorporated in 1963 and we have been providing quality products and services ever since. It has been our innovative and fresh outlook on the insurance industry that has helped us grow and be a leader of the industry standard to both our clients and insurer partners alike.

You can rest assured that All-Risks has strategic plans for continuous growth while still retaining these promises of personal attention. It is our progressive thinking that will keep this organization expanding and moving forward offering big company benefits while still maintaining a personalized approach more commonly found in a small company.

What We Offer

Our understanding of individual and unique insurance needs, combined with our creative thinking has lead to the formation of some unique and targeted Specialized Insurance Programs such as:

  • Bikeshop Insurance
  • Paintshop Insurance
  • Snowshop Insurance

…and many personal lines and group policies which are tailor made to a workplace environment or association and the unique characteristics of its members.our customers.

Together, All-Risks Insurance Brokers Limited and A.R. Capital Management now supply and consult on the products of more than 20 general insurance companies and 50 life and investment companies in Ontario. Through an ever expanding network of companies and brokers, we hope to offer more services and products to customers as each year passes.

Look forward to additions to the A.R. Group line-up in the future.

We’ve Got You Covered!

All-Risks Insurance Brokers Limited

All-Risks Insurance Brokers Limited is proud to be a member of the A.R. Group of Companies and has been serving the residents and businesses of Ontario since 1954.

Our dedication to service excellence has allowed us to expand and diversify to deliver many different products and services that will allow us continued growth into new areas in the future.

Let us help you get insured in the following areas:

About A.R. Capital Management

A.R. Capital Management Inc. is a life and investment brokerage formed in 1994. We are able to approach many different insurers and/or investment companies. Our experience has taught us that this is by far a superior method of product distribution.

Let us assist you with the following insurance products:

Insured Areas:

Commercial Property and Liability

Are you an independent business owner or a large commercial organization? All-Risks Insurance Brokers Limited can fully customize and assist you with all of your coverage needs. We know how important your business is to you and we want to ensure that you are protected against any risks that many affect the operation of your business. Learn more about commercial property and liability.

Professional Liability Insurance

Professional liability insurance (PLI) is a form of liability insurance that helps to minimize financial hardship as well as protect your business against a negligence claim made by a client/customer, should damages be awarded in such a civil lawsuit. Learn more about professional liability insurance.

Directors & Officers Liability

This is insurance that provides coverage for members of boards of directors against “wrongful acts,” which might include actual or alleged errors, omissions, misleading statements, and neglect or breach of duty on the part of the board of directors. Learn more about directors & officers liability.

Errors & Omissions Insurance

Errors and omissions (E&O) insurance, which may exclude negligent acts other than errors and omissions (“mistakes”), is most often used by consultants, brokers and agents of various sorts, including notaries public, real estate brokers, insurance agents themselves, appraisers, management consultants and information technology service providers (there are specific E&O policies for software developers, website developers, etc.), architects and engineers, attorneys, third-party business administrators, quality control specialists, non-destructive testing analysts, and many others. Learn more about errors and omissions insurance.

Environmental Liability

Running a business entails a lot of responsibility including being cognitive of the impact your product or its manufacturing process will have on the environment surrounding the facility.  If you are a manufacturer or processing plant it is critical to consider your environmental liability and to understand the obligation you may have as a potential polluting party.  Learn more about environmental liability.

Franchise Programs

As an owner of a franchise, you have a range of choices in regard to the type of insurance you obtain for your business.  Let All-Risks Insurance Brokers Limited provide you with custom Franchise Program Insurance. Learn more about franchise programs.

U.S. Operations

All-Risks Insurance Brokers Limited is happy to assist you with insuring a business located in the United States.  As laws and insurance options vary from country to country, each U.S. Operations application will need to be reviewed separately to ensure that you are provided with the best coverage possible. Please contact an All-Risks representative to get your insurance policy started. Learn more about U.S. Operations.

U.S. Workers Compensation Insurance

All-Risks Insurance Brokers Limited is happy to assist you with insuring a business located in the United States.  As laws and insurance options vary from country to country, each U.S. Operations application will need to be reviewed separately. Learn more about U.S. Workers Compensation Insurance.

Surety Bonds

All-Risks Insurance Brokers Limited can provide surety bonds to businesses that have customers who need the guarantee of commercial & contract surety bonds. We can provide you with a customized approach to your surety bond based on the specific requirements of your business.

Builders Risk Policies

Builders Risk insurance is a form of property insurance that covers a building where the building is being constructed. This insurance can simply cover the structure of the building or it can also include the materials stored onsite which have not yet been installed on the structure. Learn more about coverage for Builders Risk Insurance.

Commercial Automobile & Fleet Policies

At All-Risks Insurance Brokers Limited, we can offer you various options for your commercial automobile and fleet policies.

The most common types of commercial insurance (business insurance) purchased by a company are:

  • Standard commercial property & casualty (P&C) policies such as: Property, General Liability, Umbrella.
  • Directors & Officers (D&O) or general partner liability.

The specific policy terms and conditions will differ between insurers. However, even though the core insurance products are standard P&C coverages, most companies require:

  • Specialty coverage(s) such as: Environmental Insurance; Accident & Health
  • Management liability products such as: Employers Professional Liability (EPL).

Click here for more options regarding commercial automobile and fleet insurance policies.

Homeowners, Condominium & Tenants Policies

Regardless of whether you live in a house, a condo or in a rental property, it is extremely important to have the proper insurance policy specific to your living situation.  Read more on each of these types of policies.

Income and Secondary Properties

Do you own a secondary property that you rent out as a source of additional income? As the owner of a valuable investment property, you will require appropriate insurance coverage as financing is complex and will vary. Read more

Personal Automobile

Car insurance quotes don’t have to be difficult! At All-Risks Insurance Brokers, we take the time to explain your options and how you can save money.  If you are looking for a car insurance quote for your everyday car or even for that special ‘hobby car’ in the garage, making sure that your coverage is current, accurate and affordable is our goal.

Stop by any of our offices in Ontario (see a complete list of our locations) to speak with one of our brokers- we are always happy to provide you with a free online car insurance quote and consultation.  We want to ensure that you get a great rate with proper coverage- before you need it! Learn more about our car insurance.

High Risk Automobile & Property

High Risk Automobile Insurance

If you have had multiple speeding tickets, been involved in multiple at-fault accidents you may be classified as a high risk driver. All-Risks Insurance Brokers Limited offers high risk auto policies and we can help you regain your status as a low-risk driver and qualify you for standard coverage based off good driving behaviour. Learn more.

High Risk Property Insurance

If you are not able to receive/qualify for property insurance due to poor claims experience, no credit experience, payment issues or a non-renewal from previous insurance policy, All-Risks Insurance Brokers Limited is happy to assess your particular situation and find a property insurance that will work for you. Learn more.


Protect yourself and your motorcycle with an insurance policy from All-Risks Insurance Brokers Limited. We offer multiple coverages such as: Stolen or Damaged Comprehensive and Collision, Roadside Assistance, and more. Learn more about our motorcycle insurance policies.

Watercraft Coverage

As a watercraft owner, it is imperative you obtain insurance to protect yourself while operating the vessel, the motor in the vessel as well as the trailer that transports the vessel. Learn more about our watercraft insurance options.