Know Your Rights

Important information from RIBO & CISRO

As an insurance consumer, you have rights when dealing with an insurance broker. The Registered Insurance Brokers Association (RIBO), Ontario’s governing body for the conduct of licensed insurance brokers in Ontario, and the Canadian Insurance Services Regulatory Organizations (CISRO) have each issued communications integral to helping you learn your rights in the insurance process. The RIBO Conduct Sheet outlines facts about registered insurance brokers and provides you with information concerning your rights and obligations in the insurance process. The CISRO has outlined the principles of conduct for insurance intermediaries conducting business in Canada.

These principles apply to all insurance brokers across Canada. We are proud to say at All-Risks Insurance Brokerage that we meet or exceed each of the principles noted and trust this is reflected in the service you receive from us.

We would ask that you download and review these documents at your convenience and if you have any questions,  please contact your All-Risks Insurance representative directly.