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Homeowners, Condominium & Tenants Policies

Regardless of whether you live in a house, a condo or in a rental property, it is extremely important to have the proper insurance policy specific to your living situation.  Read more on each of these types of policies.


Most homeowner insurance policies consider the following:

  • Full replacement cost on buildings and personal assets
  • Any  additional structures that exist on the property (i.e. a detached garage)
  • Liability coverage if in the event someone injures themselves on your property

Comprehensive plans are also available which cover your home and personal assets for an All-Risks coverage. Please discuss comprehensive plans with your All-Risks Insurance Broker representative.


If you live in a condo you own the unit that you reside in and take a share in areas such as pools, common rooms, etc. It is required to purchase condo insurance to ensure that your personal property is covered as well as any upgrades you may have made to the unit which may increase its value. Condominium Insurance (condo insurance) provides coverage for your personal property, improvements or betterments you have made to the interior of your unit, and insurance for loss assessments made by your condominium corporation. Your condo owner will provide coverage on your behalf if someone happens to injure themselves on your particular property.


As a tenant in a building, it is advisable to invest in tenants insurance (renters insurance) to ensure that your personal assets are covered if in the event your property is stolen, damaged or destroyed. It also provides financial protection or liability coverage in case you unintentionally injure someone or damage the rental property. If you think that you would like to do some renovations within your space, investing in improvement coverage would be beneficial to you. Always speak to an All-Risks Insurance Broker representative to help you decide on the coverage that is best for you.

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