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Car Insurance in Ontario

Spending money on car insurance may seem like a pain, but we are all grateful that it is there when we need it. If you are looking for a car insurance quote and live in Ontario – you’ve come to the right place. All-Risks Insurance Brokers Limited has relationships with numerous insurance companies and because of these relationships we are able to provide you with the lowest premiums and the best rates for a car insurance quote in over 40 cities across Ontario.

home insurance quotes in ontario
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Home Insurance Across Ontario

Getting a home insurance quote is more than just finding the best rates…although that is important. It is also about understanding what you are purchasing: Protection for your largest single asset. We all hope that we never fall victim to a house fire, break in, or other unfortunate event. The cost difference between a “bare bone” policy and a “complete ” policy is minimal and will make a world of a difference when or if the time comes that you need to call on that policy.

life insurance quotes in ontario
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Life Insurance in Ontario

Life insurance – we all wish we could avoid talking and thinking about it, but it is a necessary part of our financial lives. If you have questions about life insurance, a broker at All-Risks Insurance Brokers Limited would be happy to assist you. All-Risks Insurance Brokers Limited can also provide online life insurance quotes in Ontario, if you would like to contact us online.

business insurance quotes in ontario
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Business Insurance in Ontario

The most common types of business insurance (commercial insurance) purchased by a company are:

  1. Standard commercial property & casualty (P&C) policies such as Property, General Liability, Umbrella.
  2. Directors & Officers (D&O) or general partner liability.
travel insurance quotes in ontario
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Travel Insurance in Ontario

In most cases, you’ll have a wonderful and relaxing time on your vacation.  But what if something happens?
To account for the unexpected, it’s best to have travel insurance.

Travel insurance isn’t just another expense.  It is an important legal contract that protects you in the event of unforeseen circumstances