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Life insurance – we all wish we could avoid talking and thinking about it, but it is a necessary part of our financial lives. If you have questions about life insurance, a broker at All-Risks Insurance Brokers Limited would be happy to assist you. All-Risks Insurance Brokers Limited can also provide online life insurance quotes in Ontario, if you would like to contact us online.
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Some common questions about life insurance quotes in Ontario:

How Much Life Insurance Will I Actually Need?

The best way to approach your policy is to consider each of the main financial aspects in your life for which you would like coverage, should something happen to you in the future.  For example, if you have children, you may want to ensure that your policy will take care of their educational costs.  You may also wish to lessen the financial burden on your loved ones by ensuring: that your funeral costs will be covered; they will be able to manage any debts you leave behind; general income substitution for your family.  All-Risks Insurance Brokers Limited can provide you with a life insurance quote online or via one of our locations across Ontario.

How Much Life Insurance Will I Need if I have Children?

You will want to take into consideration each of the areas for which your children will need financial care.  Some of these areas include clothing, food, medical/dental care, elementary and high school costs, transportation, housing, child care and more.  You may also want to include at least some coverage for post-secondary education costs.  Additionally, you will need to take the number of children you have into consideration to be sure that you purchase enough coverage to benefit each of them.

Which Type of Life Insurance Should I Invest In?

There are three types of life insurance policies – each with their own set of pros and cons.  Remember, if you are unsure which type is right for you, a life insurance broker at All-Risks Insurance Brokers Limited would be happy to advise you.  Alternatively, if you have a basic understanding of the type of coverage that you would like to purchase, you can get an online life insurance quote.

Here is a basic breakdown of the three types of life insurance:

Term Life Insurance
– provides coverage at a fixed rate based on a predetermined length of time.  (Lengths of time include 5, 10 and 20 years).  Once your term is expired, you will have an option to invest in new coverage or forgo any future life insurance payments.

Universal Life Insurance –
 provides permanent life insurance that you can customize and change over time to fit into your lifestyle by adjusting budget needs and re-allocating savings to other areas.  This type of insurance does come at a higher cost than a term insurance policy due to the flexibility of the insurance.

Whole Life Insurance –
this type of life insurance is very similar to universal life insurance except that it offers less flexibility in re-allocating your investments. They are fixed within this type of policy and the insurer decides how the investments will be dispersed.

If you have any questions regarding life insurance quotes, please contact us.

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